Ibrahimovic: I didn't want to let it down this time


Ibrahimovic's first touch came in the 73rd minute and helped lead to a goal by Chris Pontius on a header to pull to 3-2. That's the ball that went in.

"I felt like I played 40 games for my 20 minutes", Ibrahimovic said. "I came in a wheelchair and after three months I conquered England; then they said I was flying", he said.

"Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic was presented as the new player of Los Angeles Galaxy in a press conference where he declared that he was born old and will die young like Benjamin Button, the famous character from Brad Pitt's movie" The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

What more can you say about the man? "After that I was like 'just stop the game now'".

"If you look back, every team I came to, the first official game I scored".

"We need to have a balance, to save strength for the whole game because under these weather conditions is not easy".

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The former Manchester United star who was released by the club only last week, stayed only six minutes on the pitch before he blasted home from as far as 35 yards in the 77th minute to announce his arrival in Hollywood, the world's acclaimed capital of the make- believe.

'I gave them Zlatan, ' he added.

"Against great players, you have to be ready for anything - they play so much faster than anyone else", Goitom told Reuters, adding that Ibrahimovic took the risk of being knocked out when heading the victor that sent Swedes in front of their TVs into raptures.

"We wanted to make sure that we didn't do anything that would put him in a situation that could get him injured", Schmid said, revealing that when Ibrahimovic scored his spectacular first he had turned to his coaches and said: "That's just world class. You can't teach that", Schmid said.

"Ibrahimovic is the flawless definition of a guy who always dares to be brilliant", Schmid said.