Fortnite Battle Royale Only Took Two Months to Build


Just about a month ago, the meta was full of players wielding two pump shotguns, because swapping back and forth between them could help avoid the pump reload time and allow for insanely fast and powerful burst damage.

According to Epic's Ed Zobrist, who spoke at a GDC panel earlier this week, development of Fortnite Battle Royale kicked off around the time the game entered early access.

A host of saucy videos based around Fortnite - a game that's hugely popular with young Brits - have turned up on the site.

And then it blew up, becoming one of the most popular games in the world in under six months.

The second is that you must complete that particular game of Fortnite to get the achievement.

"Fortnite Mobile" has not fully opened its doors to all players yet, with Epic Games launching the game just for iOS devices, and with the first version being an invite-only exclusive, too. While that may be true for now, the founder of the studio is still adamant that the company isn't going to become a one-game studio. Since the rise of Fortnite, industry leader Activision Blizzard has lost $6 billion in value.

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So what is it Fortnite? A massive storm has killed the majority of humanity and scores of zombie-like creatures are looking for a meal, aka people.

It's nearly time for another Fortnite new shotgun controversy, as the heavy shotgun is making its way into Battle Royale with today's 3.3.1 update.

You and 99 other players are air-dropped onto a randomly generated map where scarce combat and defense items such as armor and weapons are scattered. The last person standing is declared the victor of the match.

Good artists copy; great artists steal.


While the game's lowest spec is decreasing, Epic stated an intention to tackle 4K resolutions on Xbox One X.

Gamers quickly noticed that new mode resembled another record-breaking game called PlayerUnknown's Battleground that is basically the same.The game also boasted an impressive 30 million players and took home "Best Multiplayer Game" at the 2017 Video Game Awards.