Apple Is Planning Its First Education-Related Event Since 2012


Over the next year, Apple plans to offer more than 6,000 sessions across Europe as part of its Today at Apple programme, unveiled at its September event.

It looks like Apple will have a first-quarter announcement after all. The invitation, which is titled 'Let's Take a Field Trip, ' says 'Join us to hear creative new ideas for teachers and students.' The event is scheduled for March 27, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. In the past, Apple's March events have resulted in some new devices, like the iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro, but it's an event not known for revealing ground-breaking product news, especially when it's so close to Apple's big WWDC conference in June. The hardware maker also sometimes introduces new iPads, which it positions toward education, in March.

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However, Apple also has an interest in promoting the education of women - in some cases, specifically in programming.

As far as what else we know about the Apple education event at this point, it's likely that it has to do with increased support of Apple products for educational purposes. But on the other hand, we've been hearing rumors of new iPads being in the works, and an education-oriented event seems fit for their announcement. A new iPad with Apple's high-end camera, which enables FaceID, Animoji, and ARKit features, may debut later this year.