'Fortnite: Battle Royale' Invites Now Being Sent, Version 3.3 Patch Available Now


While the app is live in the App Store, you'll need an invite from a friend or Epic Games to gain access...

One added: "Fortnite down again what will I do with my night".

For those who did receive the invite, once you download the program you will be prompted to login using the account (Epic Games, Xbox, PS4, etc) that they specified when they signed up for the event. Once it does, you'll know what to do next. It's best to upgrade now if you have been waiting for the game to arrive. Also, since this is a multiplayer game, therefore it requires a constant internet connection. You'll also be asked to pick which device you'll primarily be playing from before being added to the list.

That could change in a matter of six months to one year, as we've already reported that EA is looking into the thing and might possibly add something like that in the next Battlefield (which is said to be Battlefield 2, releasing later this year).

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Factors that contribute to the order in which players receive invites include sign up order, proximity to a data center, and device model, among other factors.

"The investment firm says Activision is keenly aware of how other game publishers have recently benefited from releasing titles in the popular battle royale genre", reports the Dow Jones Newswire.

There's no denying that Fortnite and its PvP offshoot, Fortnite Battle Royale, having a moment right now.

Fortnite is now only available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac - although it launches on iPhone this week. Also, in-app purchases are available to those who require them.