Kansas jobless rate flat from December to January


North Carolina began 2018 in a stagnant pattern when it comes to the state employment outlook.

The state's unemployment rate in December was 3.2 percent and in January it dropped to 3.1 percent, near the record low of 3 percent set in 1999. The benchmarking is required to meet U.S. Labor Department guidelines.

North Carolina's jobless picture has been above the national average most of the previous year.

Alabama's unemployment rate is down to 3.7%.

St. Johns County still ranks as having the lowest unemployment rate in the state, with Okaloosa in second place.

Cass had seen historically low unemployment rates throughout much of 2017, too. Walden estimates that between 60,000 and 70,000 North Carolinians now are in the dropout category.

"Illinois job growth over the past year has been spurred by a resurgence in manufacturing", said IDES Director Jeff Mays.

A rate compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - the U6 index - includes those categories.

Iowa and Vermont joined Nebraska at the January rate of 2.9 percent.

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Counties with the highest unemployment rates in the state were Citrus at 6 percent, up from 5.4 percent in December.

As has been the case for much of the past four years, the monthly employment measuring sticks offer notably different views of N.C.'s job market. Indiana's total labor force is 3.3 million.

Employment in educational and health services increased by 3,000.

So where did all the legal sector jobs go? The January job gains were balanced with a reduction in the categories of real estate, retail trade, government, and transportation, warehousing and utilities.

Durable goods factories added the most jobs this month (+1,200).

The only category with a year-over-year decline was "other services" at 1,700 jobs.

Vermont Labor Commissioner Lyndsay Kurrle says the limiting factor of economic growth in the state is the labor force.

As well, unemployment was three times higher among the young, with 35.2 percent of Italians aged 15-24 out of a job - including nearly 40 percent of young women, according to ISTAT.