Samsung Creates a TV That Blends Into Your Wall


The improved backlighting was easily noticeable on the higher-end models, though I wish Samsung was able to deploy it across the entire lineup.

The premium TV maker is focusing on lifestyle features in 2018, creating TVs that blend in with their surroundings so well they nearly disappear. Startlingly, they also use about 40 to 50 percent as much energy in Ambient Mode as they do with regular TV or other programming.

Samsung's other models will drop the price a little and still keep ambient mode around, providing the Q7F and Q6F series in 55, 65, and 75 inch models for both generations. Samsung isn't commenting on exactly how many zones each set boasts, but it did confirm that the Q9 will have more than the Q8.

"Specific to the Q9F and Q8F QLED TVs, these sets will feature Direct Full Array (DFA) contrast technology". It can display news, weather and the time, too.

"QLED offers Samsung's best premium TV experiences and we believe it's important to ensure that we offer a range that is accessible and relevant to Australian households regardless of home design, personal tastes, living room format, or viewing habits". It's not the only thing the company has done to achieve that feat, however.

Samsung's lineup of TVs will be available in stores starting April 20th.

New audio products are also in the lineup including a speaker that has a distinctively retro feel -designed as just a large dial with a small footprint that can be placed anywhere to manage sound through voice control.

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At the event, Samsung reports highlighting details surrounding its "flagship QLED TV models, as well as its expanded lineup of UHD, Premium UHD and Ultra-Large Screen TVs". These UHD TVs include features such as 4K UHD and HDR picture capabilities, clean cable solutions, slim design and Smart TV capabilities.

The Q7 will be available in 75, 65 and 55in, while the Q6 will be available in the same sizes with the addition of 82 and 49in variants. The Q9 also has the best HDR output of the bunch, which Samsung calls "Q HDR EliteMax". Users can use voice commands to bring up different shows and control other Bixby enabled devices, like fridges.

To make this feature work, users would need to open Samsung's SmartThings app, which is its connected home hub.

One of the line's more eye-catching features is its Ambient Mode, available with one click of a dedicated remote control button.

Ambient mode is a signature feature of these new TVs, as it's essentially a glorified screensaver. It's like a lockscreen on a phone, where users can display anything from what's playing on Spotify to the latest travel news in their area. The Ambient Mode zone showcased how the QLED TV can redefine what it means to be "off" with new capabilities created to transform the TV into a functional screen which provides information such as news, weather and traffic, and which can also play music or blend into the wall behind it.

It also only comes with one cable, which transmits both data and power, to cut down on cord clutter.