Siddaramaiah Govt Unveils New Karnataka Flag


Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Thursday disclosed Karnataka's state flag and said it was a "historic decision" taken remembering the historical backdrop of the state and to advance individuals' confidence, in what is being viewed as an endeavor to drive a star Kannada plan in front of the up and coming get together races.

Siddaramaiah unveiled the flag after chairing a meeting of pro-Kannada organisations, activists and literary personalities, where they unanimously approved the design. The white space in the middle has the state emblem "Ganda Bherunda", a two-headed mythical bird. The flag also has the logo of the state government in the centre.

The old Karnataka flag was a bi-colour one containing only red and yellow and no emblem.

A nine member committee was formed to design a "state" flag and submit a report on giving it legal sanctity.

Calling the state flag, a "sign of Kannadiga pride" and a "historic decision", he said it would be sent to the central government for approval.

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Siddaramaiah was confident that the Centre will approve the flag as he pointed out that the Constitution does not forbid any State from having its own flag.

The State Government would make a formal application to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, under whose purview the issue falls.

In 2012, the then BJP government headed by D V Sadananda Gowda accorded official status to the state flag through a notification making the hoisting of the state flag on government buildings, schools and colleges mandatory on the occasion of the state formation day. The state Cabinet is likely to clear the proposal of a separate state flag and will send it to the Centre for an amendment to the Flag Code, 2002. "There is no opposition for States to have a separate flag in the Constitution. But, the State flag will always fly below the National flag, as prescribed".

"Siddaramaiah has unveiled the flag because his government is on the back foot over the stabbing of the Lokayukta on Wednesday", said party spokesperson S Prakash.

The State emblem would figure on the white, said a member of the committee. Along with the fight against Hindi imposition, this new flag has put the BJP in a quandary.