Central Michigan University shooting suspect charged with murder


Diva Davis, 47, and James Eric Davis Sr., 48, drove about four hours from the Chicago area to pick up their son from the hospital, just in time for spring break.

According to police reports, Davis Jr. appeared disoriented the night before the shootings, and has since indicated that he was on drugs.

ABC reported this weekend that Davis Jr. had ran into a community police officers' office on Thursday saying that he thought, "someone was out to hurt him".

A Central Michigan University student accused of shooting and killing his parents last week inside his dorm room faced a judge Tuesday afternoon. Students and staff were instructed to shelter in place for several hours Friday, before police evacuated the campus. Bellwood police chief Jiminez Allen said Friday that Davis Sr. was a part-time officer on the force, calling it "a very hard time" for the Chicago suburb's department, the Chicago Tribune reported.

However, a court-appointed attorney was on hand March 6 to represent Davis during the arraignment.

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Police say the gun used in the shooting was registered to the suspect's dad.

Davis was arrested early Saturday following a manhunt.

There are no details at this time of where or how Davis was arrested, but according to the city of Mount Pleasant Twitter account, he was taken into custody without incident. "Something happened, but they don't know what", Hopper said. Yeagley said that when officers determined that the person posed no threat - and reviewed video from the elevator that showed Davis Jr. and that person laughing - Davis Jr. said he was fine and was leaving campus Friday for spring break. When officers tried to talk to him, he again wasn't making sense, Yeagley said, adding that the student was acting "in a fashion that isn't reasonable or logical".

Davis allegedly shot his parents after they picked him up from that hospital Friday morning. He was taken to a hospital because authorities were anxious about potential drug use.

Yeagley said Davis Jr. had not been previously identified by campus officials as someone that others on campus were concerned about.