Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow, Let The Speculation Begin!


A Nintendo Direct focusing on Mario Tennis Aces is planned for tomorrow, Nintendo has confirmed.

11 was about 15 minutes long and squeezed in a ton of new game announcements and DLC updates for previously released games.

Surprise Nintendo Direct announcements are becoming the norm for Kyoto-based publisher, Nintendo. Still, it was suspicious that Nintendo filed for a Super Smash Bros. logo trademark and the fact that a special Smash easter egg exists in the Switch version of Bayonetta 2.

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That all changes on April 3, over a year since the system launched in Hong Kong, as Nintendo just announced that the regional eShop will go live on that date. The popular rumor is Diablo III coming to the hybrid console, but that's still unclear, with Blizzard denying the speculation and a new report stating the port is happening. While some other companies may try to replicate their approach, the OG Nintendo Direct is still an event where the people show up. We'll likely get a bunch of indies, a first party game or two (Mario Aces Tennis), and some other third-party games to boot.

Anyway, there's a Nintendo Direct tomorrow night at 10PM UK time.