Microsoft is ditching Windows 10 S for 'S Mode'


Artificial intelligence has become a primary area of focus at Microsoft, and that will be reflected in the next major update to Windows 10. Its new incarnation will be called "S Mode", and will roll out next year.

Microsoft has gotten into some hot water in the European Union over its Windows 10 privacy policy and the general way in which it presents (or doesn't present) users with the options they need to turn off tracking. These details have not been confirmed.

Microsoft announced Windows 10 S past year, the new version of Windows 10 was meant to compete with Chrome OS.

Part of the appeal of Chrome OS and Windows 10 S mode is the ability to perform basic tasks required for work and education on a capable laptop or PC that is much less expensive than a traditional computer. Windows 10 S users may also switch to Windows 10 Pro via an upgrade found within the Microsoft Store. The big catch with Windows 10 S?

The operating system was rolled out in May 2017 as a stand-alone version of Microsoft's OS for desktop.

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Last September, Microsoft extended the deadline to upgrade from Windows 10 S to regular Windows 10 by three months, with the new deadline being March 31, 2018.

To counter that, we got Windows 10 S: a feature-limited version of Windows 10 aimed at the education market and restricted to software installations from the Windows Store. In addition, Windows 10 Pro users having the mode enabled will need to pay $49 for acquiring access to the full version of the 10 Pro.

Recent estimates have stated that Chrome OS accounts for about 60% of the USA education market in grades K-12.

The restriction on apps is meant to make devices more secure and stable, especially when they are loaned out to students.

"Next year 10S will be a "mode" of existing versions, not a distinct version", Belfiore said today on Twitter.