Ex-Trump aide says 'screw that' to Mueller probe


He also told CNN that Trump met previous year with Russian leaders inside the Oval Office, where he shared classified intelligence, calling him an "idiot". Russian Federation has denied the allegations and Trump has said there was no collusion between Moscow and his campaign.

During Monday's interviews, Nunberg repeatedly attacked Sanders, and at one point, appeared to threaten her during his interview on MSNBC saying, "And I'm warning her, by the way, to shut her mouth".

The former aide, who was sacked in 2015 due to racist Facebook posts coming to light, also told MSNBC that the campaign did not collude with the Russian government, but that Trump may have "done something" illicit.

UPDATE: March 5, 2018, 3:16 p.m. PST Nunberg later appeared on NY1 where he called Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders a "joke" and "fat slob".

"I'm going to end up cooperating with them", he told the outlet.

But Nunberg denied he had drank anything or that he had taken anything other than his medication. She reminded reporters that Nunberg had never worked in the White House.

"He hasn't worked at the White House, so I certainly can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge that he clearly has", she said. The investigators had asked Nunberg to hand over all communication he had with President Donald Trump and nine members of Trump's inner circle.

Nunberg was scheduled to be interviewed on 22 February by Mueller.

Sometimes there's so much news crammed into a single day of The Donald Trump Show that you aren't sure where Stephen Colbert will start.

Yet when Tur asked him if Mueller's team had anything on the president, Nunberg said, "I think they may".

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He also said he believed Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser, did collude with Russians.

I joined the set after Sam Nunberg referenced his racially offensive statements that got him fired from the Trump campaign, dismissing their relevance because they wouldn't have lost Trump a vote.

"Do you think I should cooperate?" The person could later be charged with criminal contempt, said Barbara McQuade, a former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of MI who teaches law at the University of MI.

The "international businessman" who spoke with Murphy would seem to track with CNN's reporting about Mueller's shifting focus in the Russian Federation probe.

He told MSNBC that he would not be complying with the subpoena. He rejected any notion that Trump had colluded with Russians. "And then I'll laugh", he said numerous times on MSNBC.

An adviser to the United Arab Emirates who met with Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon during the presidential transition is cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller, the New York Times reports.

Nunberg also said Trump's foreign policy aide Carter Page was also colluding with Russian Federation, but he undermined Page's role in it.

Despite continued animosity between him and Trump, Nunberg said he would not co-operate with the "witch hunt" probe.

It was the order to maintain the emails and documents and the reference to Stone, a man Nunberg described as his mentor and father figure, that really seemed to upset Nunberg.