Uber Health Drives Patients to Doctors


Uber is trying to solve a problem, apparently missed doctors' appointments cost around $150 billion each year and that 3.6 million Americans miss appointments because of transportation issues.

How it works: Health care providers who use the product, Uber Health, can help patients schedule rides at any time and for future appointments up to 30 days out.

An Uber waits for a client in New York City.

Patients without a smartphone can still use Uber Health through text messaging, or opt to receive a call with trip details to their mobile phone or landline instead, he said.

Uber has launched a new service that will allow hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other health care organizations to order and schedule vehicle rides for patients.

As far as monetization goes, Uber claims there is "no additional service fee" associated with using Uber Health.

Lyft offers a similar service in partnership with Hitch Health, which also helps in-need patients get to non-emergency medical appointments.

Uber has announced a new healthcare initiative in the USA to help transport patients to and from medical appointments.

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The app went through a beta-testing phase last summer, with only a few hospitals and doctor offices having access to it.

Uber Health could therefore do a lot to redeem the company's public image, and position them as more attentive to security and inclusivity.

With the new service, Uber Health ultimately hopes to remove the transportation barrier that many people face on the path to obtaining medical care. "There's a transportation barrier, and if they can't make it to their services, Uber is a reliable option". Rutrick said taxis were more expensive and required advance planning to get a cab to drive an hour or two to pick someone up.

As for the business model, Uber Heatlh charges its healthcare organization customers only for the cost of individual rides, which are at par with what those rides would cost via the consumer app. Access to the dashboard and the reporting tools are included free.

Uber as a company has since started different ventures.

Uber has unveiled its latest initiative which will be known as Uber Health in a bid to bring mobility to the health sector.

Fortunately, we will have the United States as a testbed for the service. The goal is to provide comfortable and reliable transportation for patients from their home to any healthcare facility or hospital.