This Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch teaser is ideal


It nearly certainly isn't a tease for Diablo 4, and even if that's something Blizzard is secretly working on, the call out to the Switch seems too obvious for this to be referencing anything else.

Game software remained the largest part of the market, with overall sales increasing 8.3 per cent to a new high of £3.56 billion. "Sweet dreams", Blizzard said in the tweet. The latest example is the company's recent Twitter post that shows a nightlight made in the shape of Diablo's head that is being "SWITCHED" on and off. A Blizzard representative told Polygon: "We can assure you we're not that clever..." "[It was] meant to be a fun community engagement piece".

An interesting tease from Blizzard for sure.

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This may well be a video of a night light, but its generated a lot of hype with the assumption being that Diablo III will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Fans and websites everywhere have taken this as early confirmation that epic dungeon-crawler Diablo III is skulking its way to Nintendo's hybrid-console, giving that the night-light is "switched" on and off. But if a Diablo port were to happen for the console, we'd love to hear about it sooner rather than later. That's not to say that a Diablo II remake is impossible, we just aren't there yet.

We're still waiting on that Hearthstone port, Blizzard. That was the case for most consoles too, but Diablo III quickly signaled a return to home entertainment systems when it launched on Xbox and PlayStation back in 2013.