Warm welcome home for gold-medal winning US Curling Team


With a gold medal coming home and interest gaining throughout sport from the Olympics, the club is excited about the potential turnout of folks who want to give curling a try.

Nearly inexplicably, the Minnesotan was ridiculed on social media over those results.

Of the gold medal wins, the United States perhaps rallied most passionately behind the men's curling team, which won gold after defeating the tournament favorite Sweden 10-7.

Edin's final throw landed on the hammer, surrounded by four US stones, and Shuster, like he's done so much the last four games, came through.

The team of Shuster, George, Matt Hamilton and John Landsteiner, with alternate Joe Polo - another bronze medalist from Turin - were ranked 13th in the world ahead of the Games and they made a slow start to the competition before winning four straight matches to reach the final. He also delivered a huge takeout of two Sweden stones in the 7th end of the gold medal match.

In the three Olympics games prior to this, Canada had taken home gold in the event.

Shuster brushed it off: "A gold medal in curling is a gold medal in curling". He skipped again in 2014 when the US posted the same dismal mark.

Shuster rededicated himself to the sport and formed a team with other players rejected by USA Curling and beat their own replacements along the way. While the team did not get their upgrades, they did get some special recognition in-flight this morning.

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Utica Curling Club Board Member and Open House Chairperson Carol Jones says Saturday morning's USA win was awesome, "It just brings chills to me, and the interesting thing about that is that Shuster won his very first national right here in Utica and we have a little bit of pride knowing that he made it to the gold medal".

Giving the curling team their upgrades would have resulted in some positive publicity for the airline, but critics have said that asking for the upgrade in the first place was nothing but tacky.

That's right, eight years ago Fox's animated comedy predicted that the United States would beat Sweden for gold in Olympic curling.

The contest got off to a tactical start with the Swedes blanking the first then scoring a pair in the second only to have the USA hit right back with a two on another brilliant last-rock shot from Shuster. But it was Shuster's 4-year-old son, Luke, who has been the most vocal fan.

After falling behind 10-5 the Swedes wanted to make it respectable and "get a silver medal and maybe not throw it into the sea", Edin said.

Patzke, the USA curling executive who joined the organization for the '98 Nagano Games, expects a bump in interest after all the attention the four-man team received.

Shuster won bronze as a member of Pete Fenson's team in 2006.

"These are the guys next door", he said. You can teach somebody in a half hour. "Especially when it's so many people that you've known your whole life".