Where Does The Walking Dead Go After the Midseason Premiere?


During episode nine of The Walking Dead's fourth season, Carl was treated to a very rare opportunity: the chance to just be a kid, sit outside on a nice day and eat 112 ounces of chocolate pudding!

Speaking to exclusively to Express.co.uk, the actress revealed her first thoughts when she learned of Carl's walker bite.

And it's not only the fans who are wary.

After that, who knows? I think in that moment, Carl was really just trying to tell [Rick] what he did was right and he could go back to the way how things were, and after he brought all those people in and it was really him just trying to teach him one last lesson before he goes. Unfortunately, the production was a little timid on this one, for two reasons.

This episode's dream sequence ends with a new, disturbing inclusion: the last person older Judith greets, smiling and gardening among the Alexandrians, is none other than a plaid-wearing Negan himself. ' And it was rough to get through but I'm glad I got through it. But it appears to be the direction the show is going with, so we'll all just have to deal with Negan picking the group's carrots in the future. "Especially when we did the makeup test and I said, 'He looks like he's lost quite a bit of blood".

Beyond the matter of Rick's mortality, there's the matter of some adjustments to the vision viewers see at the end of the episode. Kelly is the smart one of that trifecta, the ghostbeaters.

After Sunday's mid-season premiere, we now know neither of those theories is true. She wants to stay on her game for when evil comes back.

Mirai Nagasu: Olympic free skate was 'DWTS' audition; showers too cold
Who can blame her? "I saved the team event , with Adam [Rippon] and the Shibutanis", Nagasu said, according to Sports Illustrated. Nagasu certainly played a big role in helping the US win bronze in the team skating competition earlier in the games.

"When Scott kind of explained it all to me, it really made sense for the story and for everyone's characters", he recalled.

The theme of family running throughout this season of the show is not lost on DeLorenzo, who recognizes that Kelly's ultimate goal throughout this series is called into question through events that she wasn't able to elaborate upon. Lizzie greets Tyreese and Carol with a smile and tells them she was about to kill Judith next. Wow. "Before mom died, she told me that I was gonna beat this world". And then suddenly he just went all pale and ghoulish on us. What did that mean for you to see that they put Carl's confession into this final script? For her, she only had her mum and then she found parts of herself in her dad.

The fast-paced single hails from the band's 2005 album I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning, and despite its upbeat tone, contains some pretty dark lyrics that, upon review, makes it a surprisingly appropriate song choice for such a somber onscreen moment as this one.

For Santiago, the character and evolution of Pablo throughout the series has a very personal meaning for him.

Here are the top five moments from the season 8 episode 9, "Honor", and the reactions from fans. It's a location we haven't seen before, atop a hill with stained glass windows.

"I feel like a lot of people are under the impression that we're a lot more involved in storylines but we received that storyline not too far ahead of when we shot it". He's not just along for the ride, he's become an integral part of the team.