Android Pay officially becomes Google Pay


From what we can see, Google has added a new coating to its latest Google Pay app to give a fresh look.

The company has been operating two systems for several years, after removing the USA in-store payment option for Google Wallet, and rolling out Android Pay worldwide.

The new service is created to work across all of Google's products, not just Android, meaning we should start to see it as a payment option on desktop websites and Google Assistant soon.

The app's home page shows recent payment activity, local offers and also displays nearby stores that accept payment via Google Pay. And the Cards tab provides a hub for information about all of a user's credit and debit cards, active gift cards, and loyalty programs.

A number of popular apps have already been upgraded to support Google Pay, including Airbnb, HungryHouse and Fandango, with more coming soon.

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What do you think about Google's idea to unify Android Pay and Google Wallet into one service? The app also showing up in the Google Play Store. To line up with that transition, the Google Wallet app will become Google Pay Send so you won't be without functionality until everything settles in.

Google Reply takes the suggested responses from Gmail (pictured here) and places them into notifications. For example, users in the United States or UK should be able to send and request money in the next few months. Until further notice, the Google Wallet application will be called Google Pay Send and will go under a similar marking.

In a report released in August, Goldman Sachs noted that weekly usage for Apple's, Samsung's, and Google's payment platforms in the US remained low, even though as many as one-third of smartphone owners were enrolled in one of the systems. If you have ever wished that this same feature was available with other messaging services, you'll be happy to know that a new app does just that.

"If a User ID (UID) is idle (being in the background for more than certain amount of time) it should not be able to use the camera". You'll want to download that file onto your Android device, but before you can install it, you need to enable side-loading.