Major League Baseball decides against pitch clock for 2018


Major League Baseball and the MLB Players' Association have come to terms on several changes that will affect the pace of play for games.

And although calculated that Girardi was the second-most successful bullpen manager from 2012-2015, behind only Bud Black, it's clear to see that the amount of times mound visits will be permitted in the upcoming season - six - would have made ol' Joe batty.

The rule that a pitcher must be removed on a second mound visit in an inning remains in effect.

Major League Baseball instead issued rules that limit mound visits to six per team during a nine-inning game and kept in place the countdown clock between innings and the rule that keeps batters in the box. When games go to extras, each team will get another visit per inning.

In a direct nod to the importance of TV, the new rules also state that "the pitcher can not begin his motion for the first pitch more than five seconds prior to the end of an inning break or pitching change so that television is ensured to be back from commercial break". These visits do not include pitching changes.

Every pitcher on the Cardinal roster has two sets of signs; each unique to them.

The timer begins at the instant of the final out of the previous inning, or whenever a replay situation is resolved.

Okay, so what happens if a team tries a mound visit after exhausting their six, or violates the commercial timer? "We're not going to be texting, I promise you that, even if we could". With over two minutes between innings and at every pitching change, the league has almost 40 minutes of dead time to work with in each game that does not require the intrinsic rules of the game to be fiddled with each year. However, these new rules require...

Pitcher will be advised when his last warm-up pitch is happening (25 seconds remaining between innings).

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However, personally, I don't think the mound visit rule will be helpful at all.

"You have to counteract that on the pitcher and catcher side".

Another rule change this season, the 8 warm-up pitches granted to pitchers in between innings are no more.

Commercial breaks will be cut down by 20 seconds, with the exception of postseason games. Justin Verlander, the veteran pitcher for the Houston Astros, said catchers and pitchers meet more often now to combat sign stealing, which has become more sophisticated with advanced video technology.

As for the timer, there are no automatic ball/strike penalties.

To help with speed of play, the timing between innings will not change. The timer will start on the last out of the inning, unless the pitcher is on base, on deck or at bat, in which case the timer shall begin when the pitcher leaves the dugout for the mound.

Manager Aaron Boone took the high road, saying that the club will adjust to the pace of play. I was pro-pitch clock, but that isn't happening.

Major League Baseball provides specific guidelines for starting the commercial break timer.