Arizona woman wakes up with British accent


Myers was rushed to nearby West Valley Hospital in Goodyear, Ariz. In most cases, the precursor is either a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, when the brain regions linked with speech are harmed. "People like me-we don't care which one it is".

Eventually, Myers was able to form a sentence.

She's had it ever since. When she woke up, she was British - but not in terms of her nationality or even her location. I try to explain that I am American and they say, 'Why, because you got your green card?' thinking I'm foreign, but have married a United States citizen. She was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome - a rare condition that usually accompanies a stroke, neurological damage, or underlying health issue. With such a rare condition, many people are quick to judge and label her as "crazy" or "faking" the fact that her speaking mannerisms changed so drastically after she fell asleep with a headache. "Either one, it's not controlled by the person".

It's unclear precisely what triggered Myers' symptoms - or if she actually has FAS or something else entirely. "It looks just like a stroke, but it's not a stroke".

Myers also suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which causes her bruising and painful joints.

This wasn't the first time Myers, 45, woke up with an accent. At first, people were laughing.

In 2011, after suffering from a three-day-long headache, Myers took a nap.

In 2016, Lisa Alamia, a Rosenberg woman started sounding British after waking up from jaw surgery.

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Initially she ended up Irish then she sounded like an Aussie with both incidents lasted about a week. I was losing my cognitive function - I would try to say something and completely different words would come out.

After eight days, during which she hid at home, feeling self-conscious, Michelle's voice returned to normal. When I woke up, my face felt amusing on the right side and my left hand felt tingly. "By the afternoon it was completely gone and so was the headache".

But in 2014, it happened again.

Myers can't pronounce her children's names the same, has been mistaken for a nanny and asked if she has a green card, The Sun reports. She tried to speak, but couldn't form coherent words.

"I was really struggling".

When Myers did eventually form a sentence, she said she sounded like "Crocodile Dundee". I passed out on the swing, which was the kind with a back to it, so I slumped over on the side.

But her British accent is still going strong since 2015, when she went to sleep with a blinding and immobilizing headache and awakened a changed woman. "I want to help someone so they don't have to live in hiding". "I believe everything happens for a reason, so, maybe this happened because it helps me to break the ice with people". "I don't have time to sit and address something unless I'm dying".

She said it's hard to watch old videos of herself speaking normally. "Rare diseases are very emotional". The 100 members discuss the condition and offer advice and comfort to the newly diagnosed. "But all you have to do is Google this". I feel like myself, it's just it comes out differently.