Seaside Park Bomber Sentenced to Multiple Life Terms


Chelsea bomber Ahmad Rahimi was sentenced Tuesday to multiple life terms for setting off a shrapnel-packed explosive as part of a wave of planned attacks in NY and New Jersey.

Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio visited the crime scene in Manhattan shortly after the explosion.

Chilling surveillance videos played at Rahimi's trial showed pedestrians enjoying a temperate Saturday night before they recoiled in shock and ran for their lives when his pressure-cooker bomb blew up outside a home for the blind and disabled around 8 p.m. September 17, 2016.

"Rahimi's conviction and sentencing are victories for New York City and our nation in the fight against terror". He was also sentenced to five years of supervised release and ordered to pay $562,803 in restitution.

Before lowering the boom Tuesday, Manhattan federal Judge Richard Berman said "it now appears, if you put two and two together", that Rahimi was spreading his hate during Friday afternoon prayer sessions that Berman let him attend during the trial.

"Ahmed Kahn Rahimi placed two ticking bombs in a crowded Manhattan neighborhood on a warm Saturday night". A passerby spotted it and alerted police who sent a bomb squad to remove the bomb without incident. "He then walked away", O'Neill said in a statement.

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Pauline Nelson, a mother of four who was driving near the bomb when it went off, shot Rahimi daggers as she railed against his courtroom demeanor. "His clear intention was to take as many lives as possible".

The first bomb, which was in the area of 135 West 23rd Street, detonated and injured more than 30 individuals.

Ahmad Rahimi reads a statement to the judge during his sentencing hearing in NY on Tuesday.

Police arrested Rahimi on September 19, 2016, after a shootout outside the Linden, New Jersey, doorway where Rahimi had been sleeping.

A second bomb forced the cancellation of a US Marine Corps run in the New Jersey town of Seaside Park.

The race was behind schedule, but if it had started on time, the bomb would have gone off while participants were running by the area in which Rahimi planted the device.