Trump asks Pentagon to plan military parade


After talking about the need for increased military funding, Mattis would not say how much Trump's military parade would cost.

President Donald Trump's reported proposal for a military parade replete with tanks and marching soldiers is facing withering criticism from an unexpected quarter: retired generals. "That would be cheesy and project weakness", Graham told reporters on Wednesday.

Trump was present at last year's Bastille Day celebration with French President Emmanuel Macron, and later referred to it as "one of the greatest parades" he had ever seen.

United States media report that Veterans Day on November 11th or Independence Day on July 4th are possible dates for the parade.

According to the Post, Trump was inspired by a Bastille Day parade he saw in France and has requested one just like it.

Even some Republicans are skeptical. Sen.

Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., warned in a statement: "A military parade like this - one that is unduly focused on a single person - is what authoritarian regimes do, not democracies".

"I would describe it, Dana, as a collective eye roll from military leaders who I have spoken to", Griffin said.

A military parade has been discussed since before Trump was inaugurated.

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"It hadn't been a priority at all", he told CNN.

For eight years, President Obama's administration worked hard to tell the world that America was done.

Del. Eleanor Norton Holmes, D-D.C., who can not vote in the House of Representatives, said the parade would "waste of taxpayer dollars just to feed Trump's ego".

"I was stunned by it, to be quite honest". He slashed the military's budget and withdrew us from the world.

Trump in September mused about holding a French-style military parade in Washington during the U.S. Independence Day celebration.

When asked why he would divert time, energy, financial resources to the planning of a parade, Mr Mattis replied: "The President's respect, his fondness for the military, I think, is reflected in him asking for these options". Brian Schatz of Hawaii. The Senate's second-ranking Democrat, Dick Durbin of IL, said he wouldn't attend the event.

"Let's fix military housing, hire more VA doctors, fund telehealth, DOD schools, support the commissaries, daycare for families, or give more flight training time", he said. There have been debates since then about staging a parade to honor Iraq War veterans, but it remains controversial whether to or not to hold such a celebratory event while operations still continue in the region.

To say this parade is about President Trump is absurd.