Corbyn Calls For Suffragettes to Be Pardoned One Hundred Years Later


This helped the movement win support and in 1918 the Representation of the People Act was passed.

Britain's interior minister said the government will consider pardoning convicted suffragettes on the 100th anniversary of some British women winning the right to vote.

The 1918 bill was the first to give women the vote, although only to those over the age of 30 who also owned land or a home.

Campaigns for women's rights, including the right to vote, started around the mid-19th century, after Mary Smith delivered the first women's suffrage petition to parliament in 1832.

In a speech in the northern English city of Manchester, the birthplace and home of the British suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, May will announce government measures meant to make sure social media firms are stamping out offensive content.

Women won the right to vote in the United Kingdom 100 years ago.

"My approach is much I would say about trying to work with the team ..."

On the centenary of some women over 30 achieving the right to vote, the government is facing calls to overturn the convictions of female activists jailed before the implementation of the Representation of the People Act.

The UK suffragette movement was formed around the Women's Social and Political Union which campaigned for the political and economic emancipation of women.

She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I have seen this campaign, I completely understand where it's coming from, the extraordinary pained campaign, violence that these women went through in order to deliver the vote, which has been of such benefit to us for generations".

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"In terms of pardoning for arson, that is a little trickier".

When asked if she believes the woman should be pardoned, she said: 'That is more tricky, I have to say, we have done it before with Turing's law and I will certainly look at individual cases.

"The right to vote gave formal equality".

Since 1918, women in the United Kingdom have channelled the suffragette spirit to campaign for progress. "Convictions of Suffragettes were politically motivated and bore no relation to the acts committed", Mr. Corbyn said in a press release.

Tributes to other campaigners, including Sylvia and Christabel Pankhurst, and Emily Davison, a Suffragette who died when she ran in front of the King's horse during the 1913 Epsom Derby, have also been made by thousands.

In Europe, Finland became the first European country to introduce women's suffrage in 1906.

Prime Minister Theresa May leaves after attending a church service near her constituency. It's quite complicated elements of law which can't be overstepped because we've changed our views on things.

And Labour is holding its shadow cabinet meeting at the Museum of London, where a large "Votes for Women" exhibition has just opened.

The former's origins can be traced back to the mid-19th century, while the suffragette movement began in 1903.

Backbencher Jess Phillips said she would be thinking of murdered MP Jo Cox on the centenary, and revealed she sang a pro-suffragette song with colleague Anna Turley as they walked "arm in arm" to her memorial.