Westworld Season 2 Is Coming in April


Westworld is one of HBO's best shows, and with Game of Thrones not returning until 2019, they're hoping their violent, sexy, dramatic robot thriller will hold audiences rapt with its second season.

Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris also star in the award-nominated show. HBO released the debut trailer during the Super Bowl, which marks the network's first Super Bowl ad.

As a kicker, the ad finally revealed the Westworld season 2 premiere date: April 22. We feel like that is going to be the real discussion point as we endure the long wait for the next two and a half months or so. After a 30-second spot was aired during the game, HBO dropped a full 90-second expanded trailer online. An unfinished host, devoid of human flesh and facial features, rises behind Bernard, striking an intimidating pose, the likes of which we have not yet seen in the show. Last seen with a gunshot wound in his arm, the Man in Black fought all through the first season to find "the maze", an illusive concept that represented his final conquest in a park he had otherwise fully explored.

Even though there were many theories that guessed Westworld season two would be set in a different world-such as Samurai World-it seems that the next edition of the show will remain in the wild, wild west.

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There are obviously still many mysteries to unravel about what Season 2 will bring, and how deep it will go into more of the park's secrets.

For now, we'll probably watch the trailer again.

Viewers last got a glimpse at Westworld season two in a teaser trailer shared at 2017's San Diego Comic-Con International shortly after filming resumed.