China accuses U.S. of 'Cold War mentality'


"The United States, the country that owns the world's largest nuclear arsenal, should take the initiative to follow the trend instead of going against it", the statement read.

The review clarifies the USA will use nuclear weapons only in "extreme circumstances", but those circumstances could include "significant non-nuclear strategic attacks".

Officials say the addition of low-yield weapons will counter Russia's perceived belief that it could use its own low-yield weapons against the United States in a limited "first-use" basis that would provide an advantage to Moscow in a low-level conflict without causing USA nuclear retaliation.

China's defence ministry spokesman, Mr Ren Guoqiang, responded in a statement yesterday that China is "firmly opposed" to the US' new nuclear weapons policy statement, describing its speculation about Chinese intentions as "wild guesses". The assessment, known as a Nuclear Posture Review, mainly concerns USA nukes and missiles.

China urged the United States to drop its "Cold War mentality" and not misread its military build-up and warned against running on anti-peace pathway, after Washington published a document on Friday outlining plans to expand its nuclear capabilities to deter others.

Low-yield weapons are smaller, less powerful bombs with a strength below 20 kilotonnes.

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Countering the "growing threat from revisionist powers", such as China and Russian Federation, was at the heart of America's new defence strategy announced last month.

Land-based ballistic missiles, submarine-launched missiles, and air-delivered weapons - to be extensively modernised, as begun under ex-President Obama.

"We hope the United States will discard its 'cold-war mentality, ' shoulder its own special and primary responsibility for nuclear disarmament, understand correctly China's strategic intentions and take a fair view on China's national defense and military development".

As the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump prepares to unveil its review of the U.S. nuclear posture, more experts are warning that developing a new type of nuclear weapon to meet President Donald Trump's demands would trigger an arms race.

The Pentagon said last week that the planned tactical warhead for some ballistic missiles and the reintroduction of a nuclear-tipped cruise missile would help to deter a limited nuclear strike.

It is the first time since 2010 that the United States military has outlined its perception of future nuclear threats.