This Florida nurse really wants you to wash your 'stinking hands'


Lockler spoke to WKRG News 5 Thursday almost a week after she made the post. "Also, on the off chance that you don't have what I call a true emergency, this would not be an opportunity to go to the emergency room".

She added that some people might have been offended but at the end of the day the video had gone viral and successfully delivered some valuable information to people.

ER Dr. Armand Dorian says Nurse Lockler's concerns about emergency rooms are legitimate.

Meanwhile, it's reported that Lockler has been reported to the Board of Registered Nursing and her hospital for the video, according to, but an in support of the nurse has been launched and has already gained over 3,300 supporters.

The network also reports she's thinking about getting T-shirts made that say "Wash your stinkin' hands!".

In a phone interview on Wednesday, Lockler, who said she's professionally dealt with people for very almost 18 years, utilized a real-life example to feature a portion of the recklessness she said she's seen this flu season.

Lockler said she has been most concerned with what she has seen in the hospital.

Part of what's made the almost seven-minute-long video so polarizing was the sarcastic inflection and animated facial expressions and gestures Lockler used at times to get her point across.

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While pretending to sneeze, Lockler showed how she sneezes into the crook of her arm, covering both her nose and mouth at the same time, she noted.

Lockler, who works at numerous emergency rooms in the Northwest Florida territory, said she sat down in her auto after work on Saturday with the plan to communicate something specific from a medicinal services proficient's point of view. Five flus came in, 15 flus walk out.

"I saw a dad with a toddler crawling on the floor in the emergency room and I approached him and I said, 'Hey dad, I do not feel that that's a wise decision, your child is being exposed to some really nasty germs on this emergency room floor, '" she told the newspaper. But there are probably several weeks left of increasing flu activity this season, she warned.

Slightly losing her patience as she described the current situation in a hospital emergency room she said: "Here are some ideas on how to treat the flu at home".

"I believe there's a smidgen of mockery in my voice in light of the fact that the guidelines were given such a large number of times and they were not gotten well", Lockler said.

Katherine Lockler has worked as a nurse for 10 years.

She then demonstrated how to minimize the transmission of germs while sneezing, quipping, "Watch this - I'm going to teach you all a magic trick". "I tend to be sarcastic in all my speaking, but if it's taken wrong I would definitely apologize to that group that misheard my message because of my tone".