Stormy Daniels talks (and doesn't talk) Trump with Jimmy Kimmel


Kimmel kicked off the interview by telling Daniels that he had a "pretty clear idea" of what he wanted to ask her, but then saw a letter that denied the alleged relationship, which she supposedly signed earlier on Tuesday.

Daniels smiled and said, "I'll call you whatever you want me to, baby". "I am denying this affair because it never happened", it read.

Later, Kimmel asked Daniels if she had a non-disclosure agreement, to which Daniels again responded: "Do I?"

Jimmy Kimmel spoke about President Trump with porn actress Stormy Daniels on Tuesday night, or at least he tried to.

When asked if she felt guilty, Daniels said that she feels "guilt towards my family", and expressed concerns about what her daughter would read about her on the Internet. The affair was recently brought into the spotlight again thanks to a detailed and candid transcript of a 2011 interview with Daniels published by In Touch last month. He asks her if she has had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and she's unable to answer the question. Daniels didn't confirm the transcript in the interview, but said: "Well, he does have good taste, I guess".

If Stormy Daniels gets exhausted of directing adult films, she could always pursue a career in tightrope walking. Of course, that's the porn star who was (allegedly) paid hush money to stay quiet about an affair she had with Trump.

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"Did you sign this letter that was released today?"

"If you did not have a nondisclosure agreement, you could say that you did not have a nondisclosure agreement", he replied. While she did not explicitly admit to Mr. Kimmel that she had signed such an agreement, she seemed to come close.

Daniels' talk show tour continues later this week; she will appear Thursday on ABC's The View to "discuss the newfound attention she's received and more", per a tweet from the show.

Hours before her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"a statement released in Daniels's name and with her signature appeared to deny that the affair had ever occurred".

The celebrity news website TMZ also has reported that Daniels had booked an appearance in Shreveport along with other appearances in Oklahoma City, Nashville, Dallas, Ft.

Kimmel went so far as to point out that her signature on the new statement didn't match her signature on multiple previous documents - including an autographed headshot.