2 students shot and wounded after LA school shooting, female student arrested


Los Angeles police say a shooting at a California middle school that left four students injured was accidental.

The victims - a 15-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl - were transported to a local hospital. Officials confirmed that although the campus was temporarily on lockdown, a normal school day was expected to resume with dismissal at 3:05 p.m.as usual.

Police didn't say what led to the shooting, which unfolded at the Sal Castro Middle School in the city's Westlake district. The female "person of interest" is a 12-year-old girl.

Three others, between the ages of 11 to 30, suffered minor injuries, according to Captain Erik Scott from the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Police took the alleged shooter into custody immediately after the incident and the weapon was recovered at the scene, the LAPD tweeted. The other victim, a 15-year-old girl, was shot in the wrist and is in fair condition.

"This child was extremely lucky, " said Dr. Aaron Strumwasser, a trauma surgeon.

"They thought it was a toy gun, but then it shot", Urbina said.

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TV news footage shows someone being loaded into an ambulance.

Parent Claudia Anzueto, 41, said her 12-year-old son was crying when he used someone else's mobile phone to call her.

Police cars blocked off a junction near the school and parents gathered at the street corner, talking on their phones and awaiting word on their children.

The Los Angeles Unified School District said in a statement that counselors would be available to talk to those affected by the shooting. As word spread among students about the incident, anxious parents began gathering outside the school awaiting information.

The school's district in LA has a policy that requires every middle and high school campus to conduct daily random searches with metal detector wands for students in the sixth grade and up, but parents are anxious that's not enough.

The shooting, which is just the latest in a spate of school shootings in the United States, took place in a classroom that was made up of students of different ages.