Transport for NSW boosts digital experience with Amazon Alexa


That being said, every message by default will be routed to Alexa device and only if it is not available the message will then be relayed via SMS.

You can now ask Amazon's virtual personal assistant Alexa to send an SMS message that you dictate. Amazon, for its part, recently updated the Alexa app for Android with voice controls, and on Tuesday rolled out support for SMS messaging.

Past year the app introduced a new feature that lets users which it will then turn it into voice navigations, a route Amazon may possibly go down. From there, select "Contacts" then "My Profile" and enable the "Send SMS" option. However, if you ask her to "send a text", Alexa will send a regular text message to the contact of your choice.

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Earlier in the day, one person died and two were injured after a clash broke out between two communities during " Tiranga Yatra ". Additional police forces, including Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) are kept on stand-by as a precautionary measure.

Today Amazon released its full Super Bowl LII commercial featuring Amazon Alexa, Jeff Bezos, Cardi B, Gordon Ramsey, Rebel Wilson, and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Of course, the smart speaker you choose ultimately comes down to which ecosystem you're already using, but we're sure Amazon won't mind whatever little edge this Alexa rework gives its Echo line. However, the new feature is now available only in the USA and on Android smartphones. You can make phone calls to other Echo devices in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. There's no word as to when the ability to send an SMS via Alexa will come to iOS users. All three should be available to US customers in the long term. Amazon claims it can not add the SMS feature to Apple devices since the latter doesn't offer messaging API to third-parties.

Approach your Echo device, which should be powered on and connected to your local Wi-Fi, and say, "Send an SMS to [contact name]".