French mountaineer rescued on 'Killer Mountain' but Polish man missing


The Pakistan Army on Saturday started an operation to rescue two European climbers stuck on the country's second highest peak in the northern areas.

Nanga Parbat is the world's ninth-highest mountain at 8,125m.

Mackiewicz reportedly is suffering from snow blindness and altitude sickness.

"The rescue of Tomasz is unfortunately not possible because of the weather and altitude it would put the life of the rescuers in extreme danger", Giambiasi wrote.

All five living climbers are expected to be evacuated by helicopter to the town of Skardu later on Sunday if weather permits. "My thoughts are with the family and relatives of Tomek", French ambassador to Poland Pierre Levy said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, helicopters from Askari Aviation, owned by the Pakistani military, flew around the mountain to find Revol and Mackiewicz, after the batteries on their tracker and satellite phone had gone flat.

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The rescue mission was launched when mountaineers using binoculars on Friday spotted Ms Revol attempting to climb down as Mr Mackiewicz appeared to be crawling due to frostbite.

About 3am local time, Gordon posted an emotional update: "Urubko and Bielecki are with Elisabeth - info from two other climbers who are there and have radio contact with them", she wrote.

"The K2 climbers who stopped their historic effort for a winter K2 summit will descend with Elisabeth Revol - one life saved", said Karar Haideri, spokesman for the Alpine Club of Pakistan, in a statement on Sunday. She had frostbite on her feet, could not walk and the operation to get her off the mountain was expected to be hard. Masha Gordon, a Russian-born British businesswoman, set up a crowdfunding webpage to support the rescue efforts. "We are crying from happiness", Gordon posted on the GoFundMe rescue page, which showed almost $100,000 had been raised by Sunday.

Pakistan rivals Nepal for the number of peaks over 7,000 meters (23,000 feet). The first successful winter ascent of the mountain was made as recently as February 2016. In June a Spanish man and an Argentinian perished in an avalanche while trying to scale its peak.

This was Mackiewicz's seventh attempt at scaling Nanga Parbat, after winter expeditions the previous years on the same mountain, and his third on Nanga Parbat with Revol.