US Prez apologises for retweeting anti-Muslim videos


President Donald Trump nearly apologized for retweeting inflammatory anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant videos originally shared by a British far-right political group.

He said: "If you are telling me they're horrible people, horrible, racist people, I would certainly apologise if you'd like me to do that".

Afterward, Morgan - a man who is publicly critical of Trump yet remains a longtime friend - said that while Trump was reluctant to apologize, he believes Trump's comments were genuine.

"I know nothing about them". Now, consider Trump's response in 2016 to being asked to publicly condemn the KKK and Duke, after the latter endorsed his presidential bid: "I don't know anything about David Duke".

'I guess, again I'm in the United States, so I didn't read as much about it, perhaps it was a big story in Britain, perhaps it was a bit story in the UK. "I don´t want to be involved with people, but you're telling me about these people because I know nothing about these people".

It was done because I am a big believer in fighting radical Islamic terror.

"When you do those retweets they can cause problems because you never know who's doing it to start off with", the president told Morgan.

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The US President was condemned by several noted individuals, including British Prime Minister Theresa May, for the shared tweets.

Trump cancelled a ceremony to open the new U.S. Embassy in London previous year amid reports that his visit would spark protests.

Most importantly, however, Trump argued that he could not be held responsible for promoting the hate-filled views of the British extremists he had boosted on Twitter because he had no way of knowing that the obviously racist tweets he had chosen to share had been posted by racists. "I know nothing about white supremacists".

"I think a lot of the people in your country like what I stand for-they respect what I stand for", Trump said of his perception amongst the British public, noting that his relationship with May is "very good".

In the teaser, the USA president said sorry for retweeting the UK's anti-Muslim videos which sparked outrage in Britain. The interview was newsworthy, Morgan told anyone who would listen, since, according to him, it contained something rare: an apology from Trump. "But I am a tremendous supporter of the United Kingdom". "But I kept pushing him and eventually we did get there".

Although his press secretary defended the tweets at the time, the President has told Piers Morgan that he is ready to apologise in an exclusive interview to be aired this weekend.