WEF: Donald Trump takes his America First policies to Davos globalists


The Palestinians, in turn, said Trump's "language of dictation is unacceptable", in the words of spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeneh.

Trump tells CNBC in an interview in Davos, Switzerland that he "would do TPP, if we made a much better deal than we had".

Trump's attendance at the annual gathering for free-trade-loving political and business elites has raised eyebrows, given Trump's protectionist leanings.

"Free trade is a topic that I have discussed with the President in the past, we're very keen that we'll be able to do that free trade agreement when we leave the European Union with the United States of America".

Israel has been overjoyed by Trump's pivot on Jerusalem, which Netanyahu hailed Thursday as an "historic decision that will be forever etched in the hearts of our people".

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had said he would cancel his trip to Davos if the government was still shut down.

His latest comments helped depress the dollar to a three-year euro low and were taken as reinforcing a broad offensive in trade built on the "America First" platform, drawing the ire of French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said that the US was already in a trade war, a day after Trump said it wasn't. The Prime Minister is expected to emphasize the UK's hopes of becoming a world leader in the emerging technology, whilst also attempting to assuage doubts over risks associated with AI. Here's a primer on what's at stake and how recent trade disputes between Canada and the USA have escalated.

As he signed the tariffs, Trump said he was heading to Davos to talk "about investing in the United States again".

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Other government leaders and business tycoons in Davos are agog at the tempestuous course of United States policy under Trump, who is due to close the forum on Friday with an eagerly awaited speech days after turmoil engulfed the dollar on currency markets.

Trump is also trying to re-negotiate the three-way NAFTA trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

US President Donald Trump rappels into the snowy Swiss Alps on Thursday to address Davos summiteers anxious to see whether they will get a pitch from a capitalist kindred spirit or a lecture from a populist president.

Trump hosted May at the White House days after he took office.

"America First' does mean working with the rest of the world", said Mnuchin, who is leading the largest US delegation ever to attend the exclusive gathering.

Trump, who is travelling with six cabinet ministers, is the first sitting president to attend Davos since Bill Clinton in 2000.

Traders and USA partners already got one surprise in Davos this week when Trump's treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, appeared to back away from decades of support by his predecessors for a "strong dollar" policy by declaring "a weaker dollar is good for us", flouting U.S. commitments in worldwide fora such as the G20. We're part of it, and we're part of a world economy.

During his two-day stop, the president will also attend a reception in his honor, host European executives for dinner and meet with world leaders, including Swiss President Alain Berset and Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

President Donald Trump has a simple message for the world's economic leaders: America is open for business. Trump has withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement and demanded changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement.