Too Few Older, Hospitalized Patients Getting Flu Tests


Paul Pettit, public health director for the two counties, said that from September through January 18, there were 149 confirmed influenza cases in Genesee County, compared to 38 over the same months in 2016-17.

Graves Gilbert Clinic is offering flu vaccines for free with insurance or for $45 without insurance, according to a joint email sent from Juliana Pace, practice manager at Graves Gilbert, and Steve Rey, director of intramural recreational sports.

While many cases of flu do not require an emergency medical visit, some symptoms can develop that necessitate a visit to the emergency department (ER).

The flu season in Maryland is getting worse.

He went on to say that locals must take measures to receive flu shots and stay away from others when feeling symptoms.

This year's flu season started early.

The flu season has proven to be particularly deadly this year, both locally and statewide.

Public health officials track influenza deaths only for those 18 and younger, and Katie O'Donnell, spokeswoman for the Larimer County Health Department, said her agency was alerted Friday of a possible pediatric flu death.

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Dr. David Rottinghaus, an emergency medicine specialist at Butler Memorial Hospital, said in a previous interview that this year's flu symptoms have appeared in the forms of fever, respiratory problems, muscle aches and sore throats.

There are always a few strains of flu circulating, and Aussie flu, or H3N2, is just one of them. "I do really acknowledge the importance of a flu shot".

Second, take everyday preventative actions to stop the spread of germs - wash hands, avoid touching your face, and stay home if sick until at least 24 hours after the fever ends. People younger than 19 who are receiving long-term aspirin therapy should also be cautious.

The Center for Disease Control is encouraging people to get a flu shot as the epidemic wreaks havoc on the nation.

Influenza-like illness reported by Kaiser Permanente (which includes providers from the North Central, Northeast, Northwest, South and South Central regions of the state) decreased from 2.69% to 2.48%.

The good news is once you've been infected by a specific strain (say influenza A H3N2), your immune response is likely strong enough that you won't get that same strain again (unless you're severely immune suppressed).

According to health officials, the most dominate flu strain this season is strain A.

The agency monitors flu activity through reports of flu tests and counts of patients with flu-like symptoms from hospitals, school districts and selected clinics throughout the county.