Snapchat will soon allow you to share its Stories outside the app


It's a fun little app that allows you to put little dog ears on yourself, or have freakishly large elf eyes - what's not to love? It's so popular that it is redefining the word "exposure" within the world of photography.

You can also share Our Stories, which are a collection of snaps curated by Snapchat around major events, like Glastonbury, Pancake Day, or the Winter Olympics.

SnapChat has been struggling with its user growth because nearly all of its features have been copied on Instagram and a few have made its way to the Facebook platform itself as well.

Snapchat will let users share Stories - videos and photos strung together in collages on the messaging platform that disappear after 24 hours - on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for the first time, CNBC reported.

A new update will introduce the ability to share snaps from Official Stories, Our Stories, and Search Stories.

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Choose how you'd like to share the Story outside of Snapchat - by text, email, or by posting to other platforms.

In any case, the company has said that with the new update sharing will be initially available for three types of Stories - Official Stories, Search Stories, and Our Stories.

You can also search keywords in Search to see Snaps from the community.

This can be done using a share link generated in-app, and can be passed around other messaging platforms, internet forums, and other social networks easily. Users can share that content by finding it in the Discover section of the app, and then pressing and holding down on the tile to pull up the new share option. The company also added that it is not ruling out monetization of the stories. The company says users in Australia and Canada, both of which have broader access to the redesigned app, can already start sharing on the web. First, there's Official Stories - these are from a small group of notable Snapchatters, including top celebs like Phillip Schofield, Dua Lipa, Chris Froome, Stormzy, Anthony Joshua, Joe Wicks, Millie Bobby Brown, Rita Ora, and Niall Horan.