SMASH all challenges: North Korea calls for 'REUNIFICATION' with South Korea


North Korea is developing missile and nuclear technology amid regular threats to destroy the United States and Japan and in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

"But we are working hard to make sure that does not happen", said Pompeo about whether the Central Intelligence Agency could guarantee it could block and track any clandestine cooperation.

Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday, Pompeo said Pyongyang's next logical step would be to develop an arsenal of weapons and the capability to fire multiple missiles.

April 25 has been honored as the anniversary so far, as it is claimed to be the day when late founder Kim Il-sung, the grandfather of current North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, established the Korean People's Revolutionary Army, in 1934.

When in Washington, Mr. Pompeo personally delivers Mr. Trump's daily intelligence briefing, and he readily joins the fray when the president veers into policy and political discussions, topics that past directors typically sought to avoid.

Pompeo said that United States intelligence and military agencies continue to prepare a series of options for President Donald Trump in case diplomacy fails to achieve the stated goal of denuclearisation.

"I remember when I was sitting back listening about Iraq, weapons of mass destruction", Trump said in July.

Pompeo stated that North Korea may be only be a "handful of months" away from having the ability to launch a battery of trans-pacific ICBM simultaneously targeting US strategic targets in the Pacific or the USA itself.

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Almost everyday, he said, "I tremble down from Langley [CIA headquarters] to the White House" for the daily briefing. "So that we understand what's going on and the risks associated with it", Pompeo said.

The CIA chief, a former GOP Congressman, is one of the president's biggest supporters in the administration, and has even lied to protect him. We are counting on the fact that he'll see it.

"It is more than just regime preservation that we are concerned he will use it for", he said.

The message, carried on North Korean state media, said that all Koreans should "promote contact, travel, cooperation and exchange between North and South Korea" on a "wide scale to remove mutual misunderstanding and distrust".

Still, Mr. Pompeo struck a more moderate tone than he has in past appearances this year, like over the summer when he seemed to suggest that the United States should consider leadership change in North Korea.

"He kept pushing us", Pompeo said, "what was the real layout, what was happening in the port, what was possible given the configuration of forces on the ground".

"It is not a healthy thing to be a senior leader and bring bad news to King Jong-un", he added, joking that such a person should buy life insurance first. North Korea's nuclear tests and missile development are in violation of this treaty.