Nintendo Labo Combines the Nintendo Switch with DIY Creations


That's why these new gaming add-ons are so exciting. Set to launch this April, each kit comes with everything kids need to spark their imagination.

The new toy kits are priced at $70-$80 and have the potential to become another source of high-margin revenue to help Nintendo's bottom line. Additionally, how everything works in relation to the Joy-Cons will be shown on screen to curious kids and adults alike, who might wonder how something like a cardboard piano could work.

"With Nintendo Labo, building is just as much fun as playing", it said. I can envision lots of parents getting on this action ... because it's important to bond with our kids, you know?

What do you get in each Nintendo Labo pack?

The Nintendo Labo essentially transforms your Nintendo Switch and Joy Con controllers in fishing rods, pianos, motorbikes and even a robot suit.

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The fishing rod toy, for example, features a rotating reel that is attached by string to a cradle holding the Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo rolled into 2018 with full steam, introducing not only a series of new 2018 Nintendo Switch games but also new must-have Switch accessories made from cardboard, new amiibo, and new video game hardware.

Looks like a racing game is coming to the Labo. You can pick up the verity kit for $69.99. You can customize the Toy-Cons however you want. Well, remember the Wii Wheel that turned the Wii Remote into a steering wheel that complemented games such as Mario Kart Wii and others? Nintendo calls these things "Toy-Cons", and there's quite an array of ingenious applications already on display.

What is Nintendo Labo? Each of those interacts with the console in some way, whether you slide the Switch screen in, pop in the Joy-Con controllers, or wear the pieces to turn yourself into a full-sized controller. Well, it's cardboard... but this isn't a virtual reality ploy. It will cost $79.99 and also includes a companion Game Card to insert into the Switch. This isn't a creation kit like the other two. It comes with two tape rolls, two sticker sheets and two stencil sheets.