WhatsApp officially launched a new WhatsApp Business app in Select Markets


With WhatsApp Business, the Facebook-owned social messaging platform wants to give businesses more controls as how to how they communicate with their customers. WhatsApp says the app will provide a convenient way for its 1.3 billion users to chat with businesses they prefer.

They can also message customers, send them updates and answer any questions they have. After this verification, those businesses will be listed as "Confirmed accounts" and you'll see a green checkmark against their names on WhatsApp. They can continue to use their app as usual. WhatsApp says over time, businesses that have confirmed their account phone number matches their business one will receive a confirmation badge on their profile.

According to the company's blog, the application will roll out for most countries in the coming weeks.

The user has to just tap the vertically aligned three dots in the top right corner Business Settings Statistics.

Already, it's forked APKs were out but now the official version of the Whatsapp Business is available from the Play Store.

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And today, the company officially launched the WhatsApp Business app for small businesses on Android, starting in the U.S., U.K., Mexico, Italy, and Indonesia.

Download the Whatsapp business form Play Store link in the source below.

WhatsApp has always been used as an unofficial communication platform for business users, an attractive proposition due to its ease of set up and end-to-end encryption, despite some missing enterprise features.

WhatsApp Business as the name suggests plans to make simpler for smaller, medium businesses to connect with the customers.

WhatsApp Chief Operating Officer Matt Idema states that the company intends to charge businesses at some point in the future. This app will help small business in connecting with their customers via WhatsApp. For regular WhatsApp Messenger users, they won't have to download anything else to start talking to businesses. The company also claims that more than 80% of small businesses in India and Brazil use WhatsApp to interact with their customers.