Schachtner: Win shows voters exhausted of negativity


"Hard to overstate the anxiety this will cause", tweeted conservative radio host Charlie Sykes, while on the left, Democrats and progressives celebrated snatching a seat held by the G.O.P. for 17 years.

On election night, Schachtner said her win sends a message that voters are exhausted of negative politics.

"At the end of the day, I really work hard at being nice and open and really reflecting Wisconsin values", Schachtner said, adding that when campaign materials against her went negative, "people were turned off by it".

"People don't like that any more", Hardin said.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday morning, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, said: "Typically, we've held this seat, and we lost this seat last night".

Analysis of the election returns reveals Schachtner won the 10th Senate District's biggest population centers and was competitive, if not victorious, in numerous district's rural communities.

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., one of 10 Democrats up for reelection this year in a state won by Trump, recorded a get-out-the-vote video for Schachtner. According to One Wisconsin Now, both the Republican State Leadership Committee and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce also spent a combined $78,000 on issue ads.

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Schachtner, of Somerset, serves as medical examiner in St. Croix County.

The election comes at a tense political moment for the state, with a governor's race and US Senate seat at stake in the fall; questions about gerrymandering of state political maps in the courts; and with political observers around the nation watching all sorts of local and state races for signs of what 2018 races may bring for both parties.

"Democrats from rural areas face an existential crisis", says the report.

Gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe, a political activist, said the Schachtner win didn't surprise him based on people he's spoken with across the state who feel marginalized.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Republicans, led by the governor, referred to the 10th District election as a "wake-up call" that should motivate GOP voters to protect the party's total control of state government.

"Voters are flat-out rejecting the Trump-GOP agenda that gives another giant tax cut to the top 1% and wealthy corporations, and they know that the Democratic Party is fighting for working families like theirs", the statement says. A state senator from Iowa, Kevin Kinney, says Democrats are perceived as arrogant and as talking down to rural folks in the Midwest.

In a post-election statement, Jarchow thanked his supporters, congratulated Schachtner and acknowledged that she had prevailed in what he called a "hard-fought campaign" as well as commending Corriea for his participation.