Dem senator: Tom Cotton 'wants a shutdown in the worst way'


President Trump's intent could not be more explicit: He wants immigration policies that admit white people and shut the door to black and brown people.

"I did not hear that word used, no sir", Nielsen said at the hearing.

One person briefed on the Thursday meeting said when Durbin got to Haiti, Trump began to ask why we want people from Haiti and more Africans in the United States and added that the USA should get more people from countries like Norway.

Last May, when lawmakers were hashing out another stopgap spending measure, Trump suggested in a tweet that the "country needs a good 'shutdown.'" Saturday morning he could get his wish.

"There's no indication whatsoever that he has any cognitive issues", Jackson said, adding, "I've found no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought processes".

Trump in the interview on Wednesday declined to say what specific words he used. "Others in the room were also using tough language".

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, another senator in the White House meeting - who now claims Trump never said the words in question - said Nielsen backed his version.

The person believes the discrepancy may be why some Republican senators are denying having heard the president say "s-thole".

One participant at the meeting on Sunday denied that Mr Trump used the term and another said he did not recall Mr Trump making such comments. They said Trump expressed a preference for immigrants from countries like Norway, which is overwhelmingly white.

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Mozilla said on Tuesday, "The internet is a global, public resource ending net neutrality could end the internet as we know it". To win passage of the resolution, its supporters must recruit one more Republican member to their ranks.

Trump's hairpin turn to reject a bipartisan DACA deal that he'd promised to sign not only spurred a deep political divide on the issue, it also boosted the chance of a government shutdown. "The fact that anybody gets a flawless score on the MOCA suggests that they are not having changes in cognitive function associated with early signs of dementia", he said.

Silly me. The GOP seems to have made its choice, judging by the weaselly response from most of the Republicans who were in the Oval Office on Thursday when Trump made vile and nakedly racist remarks.

Trump said he thinks a deal on immigration is still possible. "I stand by every word I said", he said.

Durbin said Tuesday that he and a number of Republicans will introduce a bipartisan bill this week to aid the young immigrants and strengthen the border.

"I stand by my words", Durbin, a Democrat from IL, told the co-hosts.

According to the White House, Trump will address the marchers live from the Rose Garden at the White House, a location usually reserved for more formal announcements.

Trump has said he is open to finding a solution to help the Dreamers.

The contentious comments came as Durbin was presenting details of a compromise immigration plan that had money for a first instalment of the president's long-sought border wall.

When it came to talk of extending protections for Haitians, Durbin said Trump replied, "We don't need more Haitians'". "Something happened between Tuesday and Thursday, and we'll get to the bottom of that", Graham said. "The USA is a prominent country of which the world expects the best example in its projection of democratic values, commitment to the fight against bigotry, upholding the civil rights of all of its people and generosity towards the less fortunate countries in the world", said the ministry.