United Airlines makes emergency landing after passenger smears poop all over bathrooms


The unidentified man is said to have smeared his excrement all over walls of the bathroom and even removed his shirt in an attempt to clog up one of the toilets, as reported by New York Post.

An unstable United Airlines passenger made the trip from Chicago to Hong Kong stink for flyers after he reportedly smeared feces all over the plane's bathrooms.

United Flight 895 was diverted to Anchorage on Thursday night and the police officials at Ted Stevens International Airport said the landing was due to a passenger befouling the plane.

As the plane made its unplanned landing in Alaska, the man cooperated with the flight crew and sat in his seat, KTVA reports.

Authorities announced that the alleged perpetrator has been taken to Providence Hospital to undergo a psychological evaluation and no charges have been placed at this time.

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Although the plane was met by both Federal Bureau of Investigation and airport authorities after landing in Anchorage, the man was not charged with a crime.

The plane was grounded overnight for maintenance, which meant the passengers were stranded for the night in Anchorage.

The FBI reported that the man had been released from jail in Evansville, Indiana, two days prior to the incident and was on his way to Vietnam to live with relatives.

United Airlines said there were 245 people on board the plane and said it provided hotel accommodations for its customers.