'Paladins' (ALL) To Add Battle Royale Mode, Battlegrounds - Trailer


Paladins is expected to receive these new features aside from the Battle Royale game mode starting January 10.

In order to celebrate this announcement, Hi-Rez Studios released a new trailer dedicated to Paladins: Battlegrounds that you can view below. We have to say, a Paladins style battle royale game sounds both intriguing and exciting and we'll definitely be trying it out.

Welcome to the first-ever hero-shooter battle royale. Feline fans will be happy to learn about the new mount type, Battle Cats; the first one is the Primal Prowler and will be exclusively available for free to Twitch Prime subscribers. (PUBG finally hit Xbox One in December, but it's still in a fairly early, buggy state).

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Paladins: Battlegrounds was "designed from the ground up to be played in teams", Hi-Rez said, and will retain the main game's class-based team composition. All of these updates will be available for PC on January 11th and for consoles on January 18th.

Paladins: Battlegrounds combines ability-driven combat with survival gameplay having players spawn into a map which is 300 times the size of a normal Paladins' Siege map. The last team standing wins the game in the 100-player mode. It will launch alongside the new Trade District map.

The update will include a new champion, Moji. Hi-Rez also sent off 2017 as a successful year for Paladins, releasing 14 champions, seven maps and two game modes in the 12-month timespan. According to the developer, 2018 will be just as fresh with content, evidenced by the Battlegrounds and Team Deathmatch modes and the new hero that were announced during today's conference.