Instagram to now show 'recommended posts' in home feed


These posts are shown as "Recommended for You" in between the feed.

Always remember when you post something on Instagram, you need to make it sure that your post attracts your followers and they must like it. Try to post unique and good stuff that attracts your followers, ask views and opinions of your followers on the posts and keep them engaged in many ways that you can.

The feature, as outlined in Instagram's Help documents, will suggest posts for you based on those that have been liked by other accounts you follow.

The upside is that the "recommended posts" will neither flood your home feed not it will replace the existing posts. People can temporarily hide "Recommended for You" posts by tapping the three-dot menu above the post and then clicking on "Hide". This was an expected change after the social media platform conducted pilot testing a few weeks ago. However, they were not pushed to the users' home feed. To introduce more content to its users, Instagram now lets you follow specific hashtags without having to follow the people who are posting under these tags.

Recommended posts might transform the way users interact with content on their feeds.

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Since Instagram switched from the chronological feed to the algorithmic one, this is probably one of the biggest changes the platform has down to the way how its feed looks. But the new change will bring this new feature to your feed. It means users scrolling through their home feed will now no longer only see posts from accounts they directly follow alongside the ads.

Users have choice to follow a hashtag or the new recommended.

When you find a hashtag you like, open the hashtag page and tap on the following button.

If you are new on Instagram or you want to know what it takes to be a master on it, you came to the right place!

If your friends liked something on photo-sharing social network Instagram, it might now show up on your feed - even if you do not follow that particular person.