Dave Chappelle To White Trump Voters: You're Poor, He's Fighting For Me


Chappelle has enjoyed an incredibly fruitful relationship with Netflix, releasing two stand-up specials with the platform earlier this year.

In the below clip, Chappelle tackles the madness of the 2016 election, and asks who Trump is actually for.

The streaming giant has announced that in addition to releasing Equanimity, the iconic funnyman is set to unveil The Bird Revelation.

The comedian starts off by saying that he has never had a problem with white people in his life, but "poor whites" are his least favorite kind because of all the trouble they're causing. "I saw some angry faces and some determined faces, but they felt like decent folk", Chappelle added.

Chappelle joked, "I'm standing there, thinking in my mind, 'you dumb motherf*cker".

Are you guys excited to see more of Chappelle?

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Netflix released a trailer for Equanimity yesterday, in which he spoke about how Donald Trump was good for rich people like himself. "I didn't see one deplorable face in that group", Chappelle says.

"I felt sorry for them", he admitted.

'And the only reason I know that is because I made so much money previous year, the rich whites told me they say it at a cocktail party'.

Courtesy of Deadline, we have learned that the next Chappelle specials for Netflix will both be arriving on Netflix on New Year's Eve - Dec. 31, 2017.

President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers are seriously hoping their tax-code rewrite will gain popularity. He's fighting for me'. The 44-year-old also talked about meeting "poor whites" waiting to cast their vote for Trump during the presidential election.

Expounding on their belief that Trump would help them once he was in office, the comic recalled overhearing a conversation among them while he stood in line to vote, taking this opportunity to shed some light on what Trump's true intentions were.