MLS plans expansion team in Nashville; announcement tomorrow


However, that plan changed when the Detroit Lions' owners, the Ford family, got involved and presented an alternative plan that would see a Detroit MLS team share Ford Field with the Lions.

Nashville is one of four cities that has been vying to earn one of the two MLS teams that are part of the upcoming expansion.

Surely MLS can add three teams right now instead of two, right?

The league announced last week its Board of Governors talked with ownership groups from Cincinnati, Detroit, Nashville and Sacramento.

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The other finalists are Nashville, Cincinnati and Sacramento. The expansion franchise award was not as simple as a meeting followed by an announcement. That's a valid argument.

A 27,500-seat stadium costing $275 million will be built by the team and city at the fairgrounds, which is a few miles from downtown, and the club may play at a temporary location like Vanderbilt University until it is completed, the Post reported.

Although Nashville has little soccer tradition, more than 56,000 attended an exhibition between English Premier League teams Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur in July. A Miami ownership group spearheaded by former superstar David Beckham may get approval this winter.

Does St. Louis have any chance at all in the next round of MLS expansion? And those for the MLS didn't do a good enough job at convincing city voters WHY this was actually good for them.