Gas Prices Drop in Rockford


Kansas gas prices tied the second largest weekly decline in the country, falling another four cents per gallon to a statewide average of $2.28.

"Fuel economy for test vehicles averaged a 2.7% improvement".

Ohio's gas prices were down 5.7 cents since last week's average.

While some vehicles are created to run on premium octane gasoline, others simply recommend it. AAA set out to determine the effects of using premium gasoline in vehicles that recommend it and whether the benefits in fuel economy and horsepower are worth the higher price at the pump. Six states in the region are on the top ten most expensive list for gasoline prices: Hawaii ($3.29), Alaska ($3.21), California ($3.13), Washington ($2.95), OR ($2.80) and Nevada ($2.68). The large drawdown demonstrates the USA growing export prowess, with EIA reporting that crude exports reached 1.4 million barrels per dayd last week compared to 500,000 barrels per day at the same time past year.

AAA tested Premium and Regular gasoline in six vehicles: a Ford F-150, a Cadillac Escalade, a Mazda Miata, an Audi A3, a Ford Mustang GT and a Jeep Renegade.

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If you're buying premium gasoline for a auto that doesn't require it, you may be wasting your money, according to AAA.

If your engine makes a pinging or knocking sound on regular fuel, AAA said higher octane gas might resolve your problem, but it's a good idea to get it checked out by a professional first. The vehicles AAA tested averaged just a 1.4% increase in horsepower.

"Each vehicle was tested on a dynamometer, which measures horsepower, and emissions testing equipment to determine fuel economy and tailpipe emissions when using both fuel types in a variety of driving conditions". That means filling up a 20 gallon tank would cost an additional $10 when using premium fuel.

In some cars, usually luxury models, Premium fuel is actually required, not just recommended.

AAA found that modest improvements in horsepower and fuel economy weren't worth the extra cost of premium fuel.