Internet Advocates Gather in Fayetteville to Protest Net Neutrality


Indeed, net neutrality rules passed in a party-line vote by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015 essentially mandated that cable and phone companies treat all internet traffic equally.

All over the country Thursday, groups participated in more than 600 peaceful protests in front of Verizon stores.

Demonstrators marched outside a Verizon store in Kenwood Thursday.

In the United States, debate is raging over how the Internet should be classified and regulated. The organizer of the Redding protests, Valerie Anderson, asked people to call Congressman LaMalfa and express concerns about the pullback from net neutrality. The argument centers around net neutrality-whether or not all the data passing through a network should be considered equal.

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But on December 14, the FCC - again in a party-line vote - is expected to take an ax to these rules, which FCC chairman Ajit Pai has called "heavy handed". "Their idea is to take the internet out of public utility status so they have the freedom to do anything they want to do with the internet".

"We're putting that protection, those consumer protections back in place". In fact, net neutrality prevents regulation of the web billion-dollar monopoly corporations like Verizon and AT&T. Without Net Neutrality, certain web sites could be blocked from users, cable and phone companies could create "fast" and "slow" lanes based on payments, and you would be paying substantially more if you wanted to enjoy the same level of Internet that you now use.

Opponents of net neutrality noted that its elimination has benefits including giving consumers of the Internet more options, allowing them to pare down their choices and perhaps save money in the process.