Abbas praises global condemnation of Trump Jerusalem announcement


After a Fatah official from the Palestinian Authority stated yesterday (Thursday) that US Vice President Mike Pence would not be welcome in Palestinian territory, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' spokesman reiterated the same message today: "Jerusalem is more important than the American government".

"There will be no meeting with the vice president of America in Palestine", Abbas 's diplomatic adviser Majdi al-Khaldi told AFP.

Late on Saturday, Arab foreign ministers urged the United States to abandon its decision and said the move would spur violence throughout the region.

The statement comes after an earlier announcement by Fatah Friday that Pence is unwelcome in Palestine, following President Donald Trump's decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, acknowledging the disputed city as the Israeli capital.

In the Gaza Strip, mourners vented their anger at the funerals of two people killed during clashes at the border fence on Friday and the two Hamas militants killed early on Saturday.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said 12 Palestinians were injured by shrapnel from grenades or by blows from police.

Rockets fired into Israel near Gaza strip
Gaza residents said there were no casualties from the Israeli attack and that two unmanned lookout posts were hit. Earlier, photographs from Gaza had shown the military lighting up parts of the territory with flares.

"It has been consistent opinion of the world community, United Nations bodies and India that Jerusalem was occupied by Israel in the 1967 June war and it is an occupied territory", he added.

There have also been protests across the world, mostly in Muslim countries such as Turkey, Jordan, Pakistan, Iran and Malaysia, as well as several European cities including London and Athens. About 60 Palestinian youths threw stones at Israeli soldiers across the Gaza-Israel border and the health ministry said at least 10 were wounded by Israeli fire.

But it remains to be said that Palestinians stand the biggest loss in the face of these conflicts-their cause loses a bit more as extremist forces continue and as Iran employs Palestinian suffering as a vantage point.

White House and US State Department officials did not respond to requests for comment on Abbas's declaration.

Protestors waved Palestinian flags and shouted anti-Israel and anti-U.S. slogans, according to an Anadolu Agency correspondent in the city.

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas issued a vociferous condemnation of Trump's announcement as a violation of "all worldwide and bilateral agreements and resolutions", saying the move would disqualify the United States from any future role as mediator in the conflict.