Google Maps Launched Two-wheeler mode in India


During the third edition of Google for India on Tuesday, the technology giant announced the launch of yet another India first feature for Google Maps - a two-wheeler mode with voice navigation.

Google maps will now have additional support for two-wheelers.

This new feature is pegged to give more accurate travel time, improved landmark navigation which will be different than that under the, 'Drive, ' mode for four wheelers. The goal of this mode is of course to find the fastest and most efficient way to get to your destination if you're riding a motorcycle.

In the latest version of the Google Maps app, the 2-wheeler mode displays shortcuts that aren't accessible to cars and larger vehicles. We built this feature with India in mind. It also provides customized traffic and arrival time estimations. Chances are that you followed Google Maps step-by-step but because the app could not differentiate between the roads that are not meant for motorcycles, you ended up spending more time on your journey.

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The mode is quite intuitive - according to the screenshots - and informs bikers about all possible road closures along the way. Voice-guided navigation like the auto mode has also been carried forward to the 2-wheeler mode.

The Indian market has always been a major area of focus for Google, and the company has released some India-centric features in its Maps earlier as well. India is the first country to get "two-wheeler mode" in Google Maps and it is already available with version 9.67.1 of Maps.

For most Google Maps users, getting directions to a destination comes with three or four options: cars, public transportation, walking, and possibly cycling.