At North Korean hub in China, uncertainty looms for Pyongyang-backed businesses


President Trump early Thursday said the Chinese envoy who was dispatched to North Korea "seems to have had no impact" on Kim Jong Un.

While Haley claimed that an oil embargo against North Korea would be a "pivotal step in the world's efforts to stop this global pariah", China has indicated that it would not support such a policy, and analysts have warned that it would only harm the North Korean people.

Trump has vowed to prevent North Korea from having the capability to strike the USA mainland with a nuclear-tipped missile, using military force if necessary.

"If someone really wants to use force to, as the U.S. representative to the United Nations put it, destroy North Korea. then I think that is playing with fire and a big mistake", Lavrov told reporters.

Evans noted that, ultimately, for China it was important to secure its strategic interests, and that meant stopping US influence spreading in the region.

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Russia's foreign minister has accused the US ambassador to the United Nations of a "bloodthirsty" stance on North Korea that could significantly worsen tensions.

"U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the United States had called on countries to scale back or cut ties with North Korea as part of an effort to pressure Pyongyang to give up its weapons programs". Such discussions have always been off-limits for Beijing, which fought on North Korea's side against the United States in the 1950-53 Korean war and remains its treaty ally. "We hope that all the interested parties will adopt a honest and positive attitude, pooling their efforts to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula in order to return to the negotiating table as soon as possible".

Haley called on all nations to sever all ties with North Korea and continued with the warnings saying if China did not cut off its oil supply to North Korea, the US would "take the oil situation into our own hands", suggesting further escalation of tensions in the region. China must show leadership and follow through. "China can do this on its own, or we can take the oil situation into our own hands".

Mr Trump has vowed to prevent North Korea from having that capability - using military force if necessary. "All the CSTO members support the resolution of the UN Security Council". The United States has imposed its own sanctions against the DPRK.