Skywatchers: See full supermoon on December 3


Unusual astronomical phenomenon called the Supermoon, or perigee moon.The orbit of the moon around the Earth in form is not a ideal circle, and a few stretches.

While scientists argue about the influence of the close passing of Earth's natural satellite for geophysical processes, the Moon is inexorably approaching and promises to be an interesting phenomenon for all the earthlings who are lucky enough to see this spectacle. About twice each year, a full Moon lines up perfectly with the Earth and Sun such that Earth's shadow totally blocks the Sun's light, which would normally reflect off the Moon.

For the Supermoon can be observed on 3 December from 19:00 Kyiv time.

The moon will reach perigee at 3:45 a.m. ET on Monday when it is 222,135 miles from Earth.

The full moon will begin at 10:36 a.m., Sunday, in CT.

Weather permitting, the only full supermoon of 2017 can be seen in the night sky on Sunday, Dec. 3.

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The only supermoon of 2017 is happening on Sunday night-the moon will appear 7 percent larger and 16 percent brighter-and there will be at least two live streams available to help you watch it.

According to, supermoons occurs when a point in a full moon's orbit is closest to Earth.

"It is said that the moon appears larger because we compare it with terrestrial objects such as trees or buildings".

When the supermoon is viewed low on the horizon, it appears huge.

"We're seeing all of the Earth's sunrises and sunsets at that moment reflected from the surface of the Moon", says Sarah Noble, a Program Scientist at NASA headquarters.

"The supermoon gets headlines because the moon's a little bigger and a little brighter, but people get frustrated that they can't always tell the difference".