Google's data saving app gets a new name and worldwide launch


Google has launched a new app for its Android users to help them manage data usage on their smartphones.

The Data Saver bubble blocks background data and tracks real-time data usage, whatever app you're in - it's like a speedometer for your data.

The company ran a limited beta test of the app earlier this year and notes that users saved about 30% of mobile data on average when using the application. With Datally the user can monitor, control and save data. You can find the capabilities in Android settings, but putting them into one app makes it easier for users to find and use them.

After giving the app permission to take your first-born son-you gotta love Android permissions-you're prompted to set up its Data Saver feature. It lists all the installed apps and you can control background data usage simply by tapping on the "lock" icon. So, the next time you open the app, all the notifications will already be sitting there, and no fresh data will be consumed.

Woodward said, "The visibility gives users more confidence to use those apps".

The vice president of engineering for Next Billion Users initiative at Google, Peeyush Ranjan said Tuesday, "In next billion users market, people are data constrained in many ways... people will buy data and worry about how much is left, how much is used". Datally is designed with three things keeping in mind which are, understanding your data, control your data and saving of your data.

Datally uses
Datallys sets up a VPN connections which allows it to monitor traffic

The main screen displays your data usage, including the apps consuming the most amounts of data.

Help Android users better understand data usage. Once a user connects to public Wi-Fi, they can rate it based on their own experience.

The app is now globally available in the Google Play Store.

This app launch also comes a bit late in day for India, which has seen data prices fall dramatically since the launch of Reliance Jio.

He said that the number of people watching videos on the internet is growing by 66% annually while social media users are increasing by 35% per year, adding that 80% of the users surf the internet through mobile phones.

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