Should I buy a Windows laptop or a Chromebook for office work?


This week Chromebooks are once again able to use the entire Microsoft Office app suite VIA Android apps.

In what appears to be the final chapter in a rather inexplicable saga, Microsoft's Office suite is now compatible with all Google Chromebooks with access to the Google Play store. Microsoft had said previous year that it will make Microsoft Office apps in full Android versions which will be available to all devices which are compatible.

We give a lot more in-depth advice on buying a Chromebook with a list of the best models to buy, and you can check out Google's site which explains which apps you can use on a Chromebook to replace those you might use on a PC or Mac. However in 2017, Google promised all launches of Chromebook in 2017 will support Google Play.

Despite these changes, Microsoft hadn't offered an updated timeline for publicly bringing its Office Android apps to Chromebooks. Considering that, at last count, over 1 billion people used Office, this will likely make the selection of a Chromebook easier and more consumer-friendly for some.

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Are you happy to find out Microsoft Office is available on Chromebooks?

Neither Microsoft nor Google have had anything official to say about this just yet, and we don't know for certain that it is open to every Chromebook product, but this does so far seem to be the case (and Microsoft had been working on wider support).

In addition, users with devices whose screens are 10.1 inches or larger will need an Office 365 subscription to use the Android apps, ZDNet also pointed out. Chromebook owners assumed that the mobile version of Office (which has since been split into separate apps) would work on all Chrome OS devices. True to its word, Google ensured Pixelbook and Samsung's new Chromebook supported Google Play. Google declined to comment.